What is this Project?

Project: White Rakhi calls on all men to acknowledge all women regardless of their relation as fellow sisters in the spirit of Humanity. The initiative asks men to respect, protect and not neglect their fellow sisters by taking the White Ribbon Oath.

“I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women. This is my Oath.” – White Ribbon Pledge.

The campaign is based around the tradition of ‘Raksha Bandan or Rakhi’ a Indian celebration where by the bonds, obligations and respect between brothers and sisters are acknowledged and celebrated. In this celebration individuals will take various vows and oaths to each other, usually vows of protection and care.

In support men can wear a simple white coloured wristband (known as a Rakhi) as a symbol of their stance and the oath they have taken to their fellow sisters. Individuals can also choose to exchange small gifts and sweets as part of celebrations.

Join the Journey

In 2016, we started this small movement gathering about 40 friends in a classroom at the University of Technology, Sydney. This quickly gained support and momentum. The story was covered by the local media; India Downunder, Desi Australia, Indus Age, along with the State Broadcasting Service Radio.

Although small, this campaign aims to foster respectful relationships between sexes, increase gender equality and shape positive, respectful role models for men. A key part of this campaign is changing the attitude that young men have towards women.

Although she is not your sister, she is special to someone and it’s important to remember that. At its core the campaign is about mutual respect.

This year we have already sparked the interest of groups in various Australia cities. In 2017 we hope to take PwR across the world to Delhi, India.

To get involved with Project White Rakhi, click here.